I’m Back!

I have not written in a long long time. I’m trying to change that and maybe even start vlogging. Over the past couple years I’ve traveled a lot, I’ve switched jobs, and started new hobbies. I’m still trying to be a minimalist but it’s hard when you have settled down in an apartment rather than mobile living. I’ll be documenting my life a little more frequently. I’ll be documenting starting a vlog and ramblings. I haven’t decided the direction of this blog just yet. Is it minimalism? Is it travel? Is it DIY? Is it environmentalism? Maybe it’s all of the above. I think I’ll figure it out as I continue to write more often. It will be tough writing more as I’ve started a Fantasy Baseball podcast with one of my best friend’s Rick, where we record twice a week. You can find that here. I’m also working full time at a GIS job in Downtown Oakland. But! I will make time, I will make time to write because I’m making it a priority. They may be short posts sometimes. The posts may not make sense, they may not fit within a certain box. The posts will be… “all over the map.”

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